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Reflections of the Heart

What would happen if you let faith, hope, and love guide your journey through life? Jeffrey’s poetry will inspire your heart and mind to allow your emotions a healthy home in which to thrive.

Reflections of the Heart is a revelation of what can happen once we accept the responsibility for making ourselves happy and then share that happiness with others.

Reflections of the Heart honors the thriving nature instilled within the human spirit.  Jeffrey’s unique gift of crafting inspiring thoughts from our most joyous or sometimes our most tragic experiences is truly uplifting.  Through his personal journey of finding and accepting love, to the journeys shared by friends and family, he reflects on at least one experience that has crossed your path.  Throughout life there will be obstacles, there will be doubts, there will be mistakes but with faith, hope, and love we succeed.  Experience the motivational influence of the poetic stories offered by Reflections of Heart

“Writing poetry is a gift for which I am one of many caretakers.  I will continue as long as my heart and hand are guided.”